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Lifetime Silver Charm Bracelet

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Size Chart

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Mini Lifetime - adjustable so fits all ages & slimmer adults 7.5"  19cm
Classic Belcher Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm
Classic Trace Chain Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm
Lifetime Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm

Celebrating over two decades as a cherished best-seller since our inception in 1998, our Lifetime Charm Bracelet is a symbol of enduring quality and a testament to the passage of time. Crafted from solid silver with substantial weight and adorned with a tactile T-bar clasp, this bracelet has been adored for its lasting beauty and the stories it carries with it.

A charm bracelet evolves into a timeline of cherished moments, milestone birthdays, dear friends, and unforgettable occasions. It becomes a tangible reminder of what truly matters in life, a collection of enduring sentiments you carry with you, always.

At its heart, you'll find a beautifully rounded love heart charm, the initial piece of your very own charm collection. Its vintage-inspired styling complements the charms you may already own, seamlessly integrating them into your collection.

Gifting is made effortless with our Lifetime Charm Bracelet. Each year, you can add a new charm, celebrating new moments and memories. Plus, for your convenience, if you choose to purchase the Lifetime Charm Bracelet along with an additional charm, we offer a complimentary soldering service in the Scarlett Jewellery workshop. Just inform us when you place your order, and we'll ensure your charms become a permanent part of your evolving timeline.

This is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a legacy in the making, a timeless canvas for your life's story. Celebrate the moments, both big and small, with the Lifetime Charm Bracelet, an emblem of enduring quality and boundless sentiment.


Solid silver bracelet: 8" total length x 7.9mm wide chain link, which can fit up to 50 charms

Silver heart charm: Solid sterling silver, 10mm wide x 11.5mm high

For custom sizes and bespoke orders, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rebecca Shipway

Amazing service, beautiful jewellery

Alison Elliott

Excellent design and quality!

Thanks so much for the glowing review - always happy to help and do come back! Stevie

Caroline Warne

Lovely bracelet looks lovely with my Scarlett charms very pleased

Sukhi Grewal

Beautiful workmanship, I love the fluidity of the clasp and the weight of this bracelet.

Andrea Elderton

Absolutely beautiful bracelet, my daughter will be so happy on Christmas Day!