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About Us

2018 marked 20 years of Scarlett Jewellery. Originally named after romantic icon Scarlett O'Hara, Scarlett was founded by Sarah Fenton.  Our ethos is to create you classic and wearable silver jewellery designs that command attention, filled with meaning and symbolism to add that all important personal touch.

Designer & director Stevie Holmes has been the key driver of Scarlett's design and direction for over 11 years establishing an evolving range that fits with you and the modern world.

The acute attention to detail, perfect finish and high quality silver & gold used in every piece gives you jewellery that's classic and refined.  The focus is on beautifully crafted pieces that will last and get so much wear.

The meanings in many collections make them a joy to wear - reminding you of the important things every day. Of the ones you treasure, of the things that matter to you, to bring you a touch of positivity and aid mindfulness, and the landmark moments in life that define you.

Stevie Holmes Jeweller Brighton UK

How we make your jewellery

Our jewellery is made in a beautiful creative space tucked away in central Hove.

Our designs are unique, not mass produced, and hand finished to your specifications by our small and select team of expert jewellers.

We offer a wide range of personalised jewellery that's all engraved to order in the workshop.  Our unique and creative engraving designs give you truly original jewellery that marks your special moments.

Why choose Scarlett?

Truly beautiful jewellery should be more than just rings, silver necklaces or a pair of silver earrings - it should be personal, stylish and be worn effortlessly and often. We are passionate about  meaningful design and create both classic and contemporary jewellery to become an extension of your personality.

  • Our jewellery is classic, simple, timeless & wearable
  • There’s often a meaningful story behind the designs making thoughtful and heartfelt gifts.
  • Every piece is beautifully made with a perfect finish
  • We pride ourselves on our quality - many customers return for minor maintenance following years of daily wear
  • Choosing Scarlett means you're investing carefully considered and thoughtful pieces to treasure 
  • Our small and trusted team offer a truly personal service direct with the designer.
  • Our exclusive ranges aren't available across the high street, allowing you to choose something original, unique - an undiscovered gem.

Our core values and sustainability guide

We only ever use solid 9ct gold and the highest quality solid sterling silver, everything required to be hallmarked is finished and hallmarked in the UK.

Nothing is base metal. 

Nothing is gold plated.

Using cheap base metals means too much slow fashion jewellery ends up as general waste - by sticking to our ethics of only using quality materials that can be easily recycled or reused then we minimise our carbon footprint when we make our jewellery.

We only use casting manufacturers that have a trusted supply chain, the majority of which are based in the UK, and the few overseas suppliers we work with are registered with the Responsible Jewellery Council, operating under a strict code of practice with a certified chain of custody.

95% of our gold jewellery comes from recycled or sustainable sources. 

50% of our silver jewellery comes from recycled sources and we are working towards making that figure 100% within the next three years.

We only mail our parcels in 100% recycled and recyclable envelopes and boxes that pop in your home recycling.

Our gift boxes are made of card so they can all be easily recycled with your household recycling.  We are currently working on developing recycled inner pads for our boxes.

All our internal paperwork is printed on recycled paper and we work internally to ensure a low level of waste and sustainable use of materials.

All scrap and waste from our jewellery making is fully recycled, right down to the dust from engraving.

Even the little ZIP-LOC bags we need to use in the workshop from keeping jewellery tarnished prior to them being shipped are all re-used many times over before being recycled.

Our pricing and discounting policy

We don't offer lots of discounts or deals as we know our jewellery is great value, well priced and crafted to last. 

Being a small business we work to tight margins in a very competitive marketplace.  Maintaining our high standards, excellent service and small manufacturing team is more important to us than offering cheap mass produced designs, or compromising our quality to fit a price point.