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Our core values and sustainability guide

Our materials

We use solid 9ct gold and the highest quality solid sterling silver, everything required to be hallmarked is finished and hallmarked in the UK. 

Nothing is base metal - we don't believe in cheap throwaway jewellery and fully expect your jewellery to last years (as long as you look after it!) and will undertake repairs to keep it going if needed.

Using cheap base metals means too much slow fashion jewellery ends up as general waste - by sticking to our ethics of only using quality materials that can be easily recycled or reused then we minimise our carbon footprint when we make our jewellery. 

We want to encourage the very opposite of throw away consumerism which is why we create only high quality, original pieces that become treasured keepsakes.

Nothing is gold plated unless otherwise stated - if it IS gold plated it's done in our workshop to order using 18ct yellow gold keeping transport and waste to an absolute minimum.

Gold, by it's very nature, is continuously recycled.  We collect all polishing materials and filed off gold and silver from the cleaning up and polishing process to recycle every bit, it's then melted down to reuse the gold every year keeping our silver & gold continuously circulating.

We only use casting manufacturers that have a trusted supply chain, the majority of which are based in the UK, and the few overseas suppliers we work with are registered with the Responsible Jewellery Council. We are dedicated to ensuring that every stage of the manufacturing process is both kind to the environment and respectful to all the people involved. We have personally handpicked and visited our long term suppliers and will only work with partners who offer clear transparency and meet our high standards of quality and conduct.  

90% or more of our solid gold jewellery comes from recycled or sustainable sources. All scrap and waste from our jewellery making is fully recycled, right down to the dust from engraving.

Approximately 50% of our silver jewellery comes from recycled sources and we are working towards making that figure 100% within the next three years. (Sorry if that sounds vague it literally changes every time I order so it's hard to assess how we're doing constantly but it's something we're always striving towards!)

Each year more of our range is manufactured using recycled silver.  Our chains are all made in the UK using a mix of recycled silver, and any silver waste is re-used in the casting process.

Our packaging

We only mail our parcels in 100% recycled and recyclable envelopes and 90% recyclable boxes that pop in your home recycling.  Even our packing tape is made of paper - the only bit that can't be recycled is the little pad inside the gift box keeping your jewellery from getting scratched in transit, and you're welcome to return that to us for re-using.

Our gift boxes are made of card so they can all be easily recycled with your household recycling.  

All our internal paperwork is printed on recycled paper and we work internally to ensure a low level of waste and sustainable use of materials.  

Even the little ZIP-LOC bags we need to use in the workshop from keeping jewellery tarnished prior to them being shipped are all re-used many times over before being recycled.

Our staff - A note from Stevie the director.

"We're a tiny business operating from a small workshop in Hove.  I am the sole full time member of staff, working with independent local jewellers and creatives to keep things ticking over.  I don't believe in outsourcing our social media or marketing in order to keep my costs down and take advantage of other people's low working rates, preferring to keep it all in house.  I handles all emails and phone calls personally, post all social media, write all the newsletters, update the website in addition to engraving each piece of jewellery.  Lucky for me I have some excellent local jewellers who are often on hand to help me finish things up!  

I pay all my freelance staff well above the national living wage and provide them with the flexibility to have their own creative businesses alongside working with me, supporting one another in our small business endeavours.

We're a family owned and run business and that's just now we like it.  Tim and I aren't willing to lower our standards to become global and compete on race to the bottom prices, we prefer quality and a truly personal touch."