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Clearance Designs

Get them before they retire, these exquisite designs are being discontinued and the last few pieces are available.

Eclipse Silver Oval Bangle
from €198,95 €332,95

Eclipse Silver Oval Bangle With Gold Loop
from €363,95 €559,95

Dream Big Silver Mojo Charm Bead
from €52,95

Always In My Heart Rose Gold Mojo Charm Bead
from €118,95 €193,95

Tiny Honey-Bee Silver Necklace
€86,95 €132,95

Gardening Fork Silver Charm
from €69,95

Live Love Laugh Rose Gold Mojo Charm Bead
from €118,95 €193,95
Carpè Diem Rose Gold Mojo Charm Bead
from €118,95 €193,95
One Love' Original Silver Necklace
€118,95 €172,95

'One Love' Original Silver Double Bangle
from €172,95 €265,95

Honey-Bee Silver Necklace
€118,95 €172,95
Honey-Bee Silver & Gold Necklace
€345,95 €679,95

'One Love' Original Silver & Gold Double Bangle
from €345,95 €465,95
Torus Heart Necklace