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Dog Charm Collection | The Pomsky

Pomskies are adorable, fluffy little clowns who are best known for being intelligent, friendly and loyal.

In this post, you will learn all about the history and personality of these fun-loving dogs

If you are lucky enough to have a special Pomsky as part of your family or you absolutely love this breed of dog, you will adore Scarlett Jewellery’s special craftedPomsky charm collection. Continue reading to learn more!

What do Pomskies look like?

The Pomsky is not a true breed, they are a cross between the majestic Siberian Husky and the small and fluffy Pomeranian. Ideally, they resemble a small fluffy wolf!

The size and appearance of the Pomsky can vary dramatically from toy size to medium size depending on the genetics they inherit from their parents. Pomskies are bigger than purebred Pomeranians but will be small enough to sit on our lap, unlike a fully grown husky!

They come in many different colours and patterns such as grey and white brown and red, blonde and more!

Pomskies have a soft, fluffy and silky coat, prick ears and a big furry tail that curves onto their back. They are unbelievably cute!

The History of the Pomsky

Breeders only started breeding Pomskies very recently who have been gaining popularity thanks to their photogenic faces and presence on social media. Thanks to a viral 2011Buzzfeed blog post, that featured images of puppies that claimed to be a mix of husky and pomeranian, the Pomsky was born.

The demand for this unique mix took off and breeders began to make the Pomsky breed a reality. Due to size differences, Pomskies can’t be bred naturally, making them rare and expensive to adopt!

They are usually bred from a Siberian Husky female and a Pomeranian male.

What are the personality and traits of a Pomsky?

Pomskies share personality traits that they inherit from their husky and pomeranian parents. These include intelligence, playfulness, confidence and they have a loving and affectionate nature.

Pomskies tend to be a vocal breed as huskies can be very talkative and Pomeranians can be yappy. Another trait of Pomskies is their protective and loyal nature. They make excellent watchdogs and their fierce loyalty means they may latch onto one member of their household as their favourite person.

Pomskies can also be willful and stubborn, which can make them a challenge to train, despite their high levels of intelligence. Patience is required when raising a Pomsky pup!

Overall, Pomskies are sweet, funny dogs who know how incredibly cute they are. They love human company and lots of attention!


Scarlett Jewellery has a perfectly crafted and character-filledPomsky silver charm with oodles of personality! This beautiful pooch has a happy open mouth and gorgeous bushy tail!

Wearing a tiny bandana that can be engraved with a tiny initial to celebrate your special family pet.

This dainty and intricately detailed Pomsky charm embodies all the things we love about this outrageously cute breed of dog. The meaning card that comes with this charm celebrates Pomsky’s best-known qualities of intelligence, loyalty and friendliness.

This charm comes with a selection of fittings which you can choose according to your preference:

  • An open jump ring allows your personalised Pomsky charm to be fixed easily to a traditional link chain charm bracelet. 
  • A clip on clasp can be attached to a chain bracelet with open links or a necklace.
  • A soldered jump ring will fit onto slider bracelets and bangles. It will fit all standard 4mm European style bead bracelets and bangles.

All our dog charms come presented in a branded gift box with the meaning card and gift wrapping is available at no additional charge.

Thisoriginal collection of miniature dog charms are designed and created to be truly original and to celebrate man’s best friend!

Pomskies are adorable fluffy little clowns who are best known for being intelligent, friendly and loyal. In this post, you will learn all about the history and personality of these fun-loving dogs If you are lucky enough to have a special Pomsky as part of your family, you will adore Scarlett Jewellery’s special crafted Pomsky charm collection. Continue reading to learn more!


If gold is more your style we also have a stunningPomsky charm is solid 9ct gold available for purchase. This premium piece of jewellery is something to be treasured for generations of dog lovers to come!


OurPomsky silver dog charm bracelet is the perfect piece of jewellery to start your own special charm bracelet. We’ll hand make & securely solder your dog charm to the centre of our best selling Mini Lifetime bracelet.

The bracelet comes in 2 lengths, 7.5” which fits most adults, or 8” if you prefer to wear it a little looser. We can engrave an initial on the cute bandana on the charm. This bracelet also features a small silver dog tag on the end which is custom engraved with the doggie’s name & a little paw print. 


Our perfectly crafted Pomsky silver charm bangle features a tiny dog tag engraved with the doggie's name or initials and a tiny paw print symbol. 


Our daintypersonalised Pomsky silver dog tag necklace comes complete with our miniature silver dog charm and a tiny silver dog tag engraved with your pup’s name and a little paw print.

This is a perfect gift for someone to celebrate their best buddy or to commemorate your own much-loved doggie. We can also engrave a tiny initial on the dog’s bandana

The necklace is a simple sterling silver open trace chain in a range of chain lengths to suit how you'd want to wear it.

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