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Copy of FAQ

Do you have a shop I can visit?

No, I work from a small workshop that's not open to visitors for insurance purposes.  I do have pieces stocked in Silverado, Bond Street, Brighton if you're looking to see charms and earrings first hand.

Is there anywhere I can shop your jewellery in person?

I do Chelsea Flower Show (when it's not cancelled due to pandemics) and take the majority of the collection so it's a good place to spend a day and shop in person.

What is your jewellery made from?

Our jewellery is all made from either solid 925 sterling silver, solid 9ct yellow or rose gold, with a small selection of pieces 18ct gold vermeil over solid sterling silver.

Is all your jewellery hallmarked?

Where required all our silver pieces are hallmarked, based on the legal requirement for hallmarking in the UK, anything over 7.78g in silver must carry a hallmark, so some pieces such as lightweight rings and our charms are not hallmarked or carry a 925 stamp only.  Charms are often added to other items to be finished so cannot be hallmarked until the piece is finished, so to keep things simple we choose not to hallmark our charms.

All our 9ct gold pieces carry a hallmark, including those that are used in mixed-metal jewellery designs made of silver & gold. The minimum weight for a gold hallmark is 1g.

Can I return something if it’s not quite right for me?

I have a very flexible returns policy which can be found here - in short anything that has not been engraved, isn't personalised, is a standard piece available to order online in a standard size can be returned for a refund or exchange.  We don’t charge for postage to ship items to you, but if you request express delivery then this additional postage cost will not be refunded.

How quick can you deliver?

I'm based in the UK & I usually make and ship within 24 hours.  Standard post service is sent tracked 48 for all orders under £100, and Special Delivery for all orders over £100.  An Express 2 day service is available if you need it a little faster - I send your order Tracked 24 using this shipping service.  

International orders are shipped International Tracked - the delivery time varies from country to country, typically 7-14 working days but issues with the COVID lockdowns and BREXIT customs changes have meant some international orders do take longer, sadly this is out of my control.

Are there any VAT or customs duties to pay when I receive my delivery?

UK orders are subject to VAT which is shown at the checkout, international orders are VAT exclusive, import duties vary from country to country so I advise you check what customs charges you may be liable for before completing your order.

We are registered for IOSS for all shipments to the EU to avoid you paying any taxes on arrival.

What’s your guarantee?

I offer a 12 month guarantee on all my jewellery with a few notable exceptions - if the piece has been worn heavily and got damaged due to lack of care then I can’t be held responsible.  For example - if a bracelet gets caught on a door handle and the clasp snaps, this isn’t my fault, if a ring is worn daily by a builder or someone who works with their hands and get dented, I can't be held responsible for the wear and tear, but if a heart wears out on a charm ring or a chain snaps then I’ll repair it for free or replace it for a new one.

If a piece has become worn and needs some care after 12 months I’m always happy to help with any repairs.

The other main exception is if an item has been engraved for you.  Bespoke pieces are made just for you can cannot be returned.

What’s the difference between your charm fittings?

All my charms are designed to fit on a traditional chain link charm bracelet with an open jump ring, you simply open the jump ring, put the charm on the bracelet, then close the jump ring.  I strongly advise once you are happy with the location of the charm that it’s soldered to the bracelet to avoid snagging on clothes, opening the jump ring and losing your charm.  That said, many people go years without losing unsoldered charms, but it’s better to be on the safe side especially if you have a growing collection.

You can return your bracelet to me to solder your charms for a nominal fee, or you can take it to a local jewellery store to do it.  Some jewellery stores question the metal of the charm as there’s no hallmark, but they are aware that charms under 7.78g in weight do not need to be hallmarked so should not refuse to solder it for you.

A clip on clasp is for the sort of bracelet or necklace such as Thomas Sabo style where charms are to be moved about.

A soldered jump ring is the exact same jump ring as the open one, it’s just been soldered closed so it can be fitted easily to a Pandora or similar style of bead bracelet.

Do you do repairs to other makes of jewellery.

Currently I cannot offer repair services to jewellery not made by myself due to time constraints.

What’s the most popular chain length?  And if I’m not happy with my choice can I exchange it?

Generally speaking an 18” is the most popular length for a pendant, but it’s all down to taste.  I’ll happily exchange your chain for a longer one - some chains longer than 22” are a little more expensive so there may be a charge for the difference if you order a 16” and then opt for a 26” for example.

I want to buy a ring for someone but I don’t know their size.

It’s near impossible for me to guess or remotely offer size guidance for someone’s ring - how a ring fits is a personal thing depending on the width of the ring, size of someone’s knuckle and how wide their fingers are.

The best way is to get their finger sized at a professional jewellery store, but if you’re not able to do this you can order one of my ring multisizers here which gives an accurate measurement in a UK ring size.

If you have a ring that fits them you can use this to measure the inside diameter across the middle, then use google to convert this so a UK ring size.  

Please don’t use a tape measure or piece of string to measure a finger - both are soft, flexible and the string is stretchy, you will not get an accurate measurement.  Silver and gold are rigid and will fit entirely differently to something flexible.

How can I find out a UK ring size if I know my EU/Pandora/US ring size?

The best way to convert it is to Google it - there are several ring sizes such as Pandora which are not international standard - I use the UK jewellery standard and can’t size rings to fit international ring sizes.

Can I return something if it’s been engraved?

No, personalised and engraved items can not be returned unless I’ve made a mistake on them.

Can I get a gold charm made if it's available in silver - if so what’s the cost?

Most of our charms can be cast in gold - the final price depends on the weight of the charm and the current gold price which fluctuates daily.  If you would like a quote on a gold charm drop me an email and I’ll arrange it for you.

Gold charms currently have a lead time of about 6-8 weeks to bespoke cast.

Can I get a custom charm made, if so what would be the cost?

Custom charms are not cheap or fast to make.  All my charms are originally made in either a wax casting or using 3-D CAD design, a master in silver is made, then a mould followed by the final piece.  This process takes months from start to finish, and the cost of this has to be covered by the single charm, typically you’re looking at around £400 for the work to design and produce the single charm plus the cost of the metal (silver will be cheaper than gold obviously).

I have made many custom charms in the past for weddings and special events, just get in touch if you are interested in a more detailed quotation and bear the lead time in mind - you’re looking at around 2-3 months from start to finish.

How do I know what bangle size I am?

For 90% of all my customers a 65mm (standard sized) bangle fits perfectly - from experience only those with very small or very broad hands need a smaller or larger bangle.  It’s not about the width of your wrist, it’s to do with the width of your hand when sliding a bangle over.  

If you have a bangle that fits you at home it’s best to measure the inside diameter and work it out from there.

If in doubt I advise ordering a standard size and we can exchange it if it’s too small or large.  

Can earrings be returned?

For hygiene reasons we cannot accept earring backs except in exceptional circumstances such as them being an unopened gift.

Where’s your jewellery made?

All our jewellery is made, assembled or finished in my workshop in Hove.  We use casting companies from Birmingham, London, Shropshire and some component pieces from a highly regarded casting house in Thailand.  Everything is finished, assembled and hallmarked in the UK once the whole design has come together.  Engraving is done in-house from answering the phone, emailing customers, soldering, polishing and gift wrapping.

How much of your jewellery is made from recycled materials?

It’s nearly impossible to state how much is 100% recycled as to cast silver without issues such as firestain and porosity from 100% recycled is no easy task.  Silver is an alloy, and many of our pieces are indeed cast from recycled silver from the manufacturing process used to make chains etc.  Our gold contains more recycled metal than silver, but we’re constantly working with our suppliers to to use more recycled materials in the casting process each year.

My jewellery has got tarnished - does that mean it’s not real silver?

Not at all - silver by its very nature is prone to tarnishing.  The black tarnish that sometimes appears can be caused by all sorts of common reasons including using hand sanitizer, soap, sun cream, sweat, perfumes (this is one of the worst!) and even changes in hormonal levels and diet.  

Silver can be easily brought back to its original shine using a silver cloth, but if you’re finding it hard to get the shine back you can return it to me for a free professional clean - P&P charges may apply for insured return.

Some companies Rhodium plate their silver to stop it tarnishing, but Rhodium is a rather toxic substance so I personally avoid using it unless necessary.

To avoid tarnishing I advise removing rings when washing your hands with soap, using hand sanitiser and swimming, removing necklaces when applying perfume and body lotions - just these simple tricks will slow the process down.  Sadly humid summers can make tarnishing necklaces speed up, so if it’s a really hot day, maybe leave the necklace at home if you’re going to be soaking up the sun and slathering on the sun cream.

Can you melt down an old piece of jewellery of mine and turn it into something else?

Unfortunately not, the chances of your piece weighing the exact same as the new thing you want to have made is very remote.  To melt gold and silver you need a specialised furnace and melting tools which for my little workshop isn’t possible for health and safety reasons.  

Do you make wedding rings and commissions?

I can do - get in touch and I’d be happy to help.