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Tried & Tested Jewellery Boxes from Stackers

Tried and tested - the beautifully made custom jewellery box from Stackers

Stackers Jewellery Box Scarlett Jewellery Charms Bracelets Beads
Ahead of the Christmas season we've been speaking to lots of our lovely customers about how they take care of their jewellery collection, and have heard from one or two of you who've struggled to find the right thing to keep your pieces safe and organised.


We've had several comments about the Mojos specifically - our collectable charm beads have been around for over 10 years now and we know many of you have a large collection, but don't always want to wear all of them on your bracelet at once.  And it saddens us to hear when you've mis-placed any of your collection, so it was exciting to stumble across Stackers boxes, and to find their make-your-own box range had the perfect solution to storing those precious silver and gold charm beads.


These beautifully made and perfectly finished luxury boxes are so cleverly designed, with sections for each of your jewellery types from rings, to bracelets and bangles.  You can add stacked sections for your necklaces and pendants too to make your own custom set, but we've been focusing on charms and earrings.

The clever rose gold dowel in the box easily pops out allowing you to slide your Mojos on to keep them safe - no more rattling around in the bottom of your jewellery box in amongst your rings.

The separate section for the bracelets and bangles keeps them cushioned and clear from scratching against each other so they last longer and keep their beautiful shine.  The little ring compartments allow you to store  your rings easily to see what you've got and help choose the best combination for your look.

The charm spaces at the bottom are designed to fit both Pandora sized charms, but equally fit our traditional charms which are often worn as pendants in clusters together.  They also work perfectly for earrings - so clear to see and you're so less likely to lose half a pair which is so frustrating...we've all done it!

Stackers Scarlett Jewellery Box Beads Bracelets and Silver Charms