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Glastonbury Closure

Glastonbury Closure Notice

Stevie & Genea will both be away at Glastonbury Festival from Wednesday 21st - Monday 26th June with our families to enjoy some summer fun together - during this short time no orders will be shipped.

If you need to get in touch I strongly advise you email me on rather than phone or leave any messages on social media as I won't be easily able to reply.

What does that mean for orders placed online?


You can still place order and we will be back after this long weekend to make and ship orders on Tuesday 27th June.

Can I still get something by express delivery?

I'm afraid as there won't be someone in the workshop to ship anything by express delivery, but if your order is urgent please drop us an email and we will do our best to rush it through when we return.


What if I have something to return, resize or exchange?

If you're returning something that's not been engraved for a refund or exchange it would be helpful to not mail it to me before 27th June 2023 so I can be sure to receive it and it not to be stuck with Royal Mail. 

If it's something that's not quite right and you have a query please email me personally on and I'll get back to you ASAP as I will be monitoring all my emails whilst working at the show.

Thanks for your patience!  Look out for us on the BBC coverage!