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Flower Jewellery For Chelsea

This year will be our 10th year at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show - it's our favourite show of all and we go all out with the display, our flower jewellery designs and make the event a fun one to exhibit at.

Here's a round up of our 10 most popular flower jewellery designs as seen at the flower show, and a few new pieces that will be showcased for the very first time at the 2020 Chelsea Flower Show.  Thinking of coming along?  Get your tickets here.

Scarlett jewellery trade stand award winner Chelsea Flower Show

10 - Tiny Daisy Silver Stud Earrings

Small silver daisy flower stud earrings

These small silver daisy studs are a perfect gift and a top seller at Chelsea.  The delicate size of these pretty studs make them perfect for any age - ideal for school or college, with secure backs to keep them where they belong.

The earrings are handcrafted to create two perfectly formed daisies, which is also echoed in the matching necklace and and charm bracelet. Secure earring backs keep them with you every day.


"I have the charm on my bracelet, I went for the small stud earrings in the daisy design. They are the cutest."

9 - Tiny Acorn & Oak Leaf Necklace

Acorn and oak leaf silver necklace scarlett jewellery chelsea flower show

This solid silver tiny acorn pendant sits alongside a pretty silver oak leaf.  This necklace comes in a range of sizes to suit you.  A shorter chain will sit on the collar bone, whereas a longer chain is perfect for wearing over a t-shirt. Just make your selection at checkout. A popular design for nature lovers at Chelsea.


"It’s cute and I loved the meaning behind the acorn and the oak leaf."


8 - Monstera Palm Leaf Silver Necklace

Monstera Palm Leaf Tropical Silver Necklace

A delicate palm leaf inspired by the big, bold monstera palm plant.  A mighty plant whose big bold leaves help give much needed shade in the hot sun.  In the language of flowers, the palm leaf means victory. The double sided detail means you can wear this tropical themed necklace either side to suit your look.


"A lovely necklace, it reminds my wife of our trips to South Carolina with those gorgeous palmettos."

7 - Solid Gold Forget-Me-Not Flower Charm

Solid Gold Forget-me-not flower charm for a bracelet

Greek legend tells us that when the gods were distributing colours to the flowers, one small flower was heard to whisper ‘forget me not…’. There was only blue remaining, and lo - this delicate flower was born.

Today, this is our eternal symbol of remembrance, given by lovers, friends and family to one another as a reminder of the bonds that tie us.

Handmade in the UK using solid 9ct recycled gold, this popular gold forget-me-not flower charm has a little heart on the back to give it extra meaning from the heart.


"I love the detail in this gorgeous charm along with the meaning behind the charm. It is a beautiful, well-made, detailed charm to add to my other Scarlett jewellery charms."

6 - Silver Sunflower Necklace

Our original, delicate Sunflower pendantis handcrafted to create a perfectly shaped flower, which is also echoed in the matching charm bracelet. The most popular design on our Etsy store, this sweet flower necklace has perfect charm.

Available on a range of chain lengths, a shorter chain positions the star elegantly on the collar bone, while a longer chain allows it to be worn over a t-shirt, adding a little touch of nature to any outfit.


"Sunflowers have a special meaning for my daughter-in-law and she was delighted with this Sunflower necklace and when she posted on facebook lots of people admired it."

5 - Daisy Charm Bracelet

This pretty sterling silver daisy bracelet is the perfect gift to endure through an entire lifetime - with a clasp that can fasten at any link along the chain, it fits a variety of wrist sizes. It’s often bought as a gift for a child, with charms added to over time, and then worn as they become older.


"A beautiful, good quality bracelet with pretty daisy charm. I have clipped my other Scarlett charms onto the bracelet, which now looks and feels great!"

4 - Acorn Silver Necklace


A gift from nature for anyone looking at a new start, a new beginning, or new chapter in life. In the language of flowers, the humble acorn symbolises strength from tiny beginnings - the tiny acorn grows into the might oak making this a wonderful and emotive gift to celebrate change.  Acorns are always popular at our flower shows - a symbol of Autumn, their simple design makes them wearable year round due to their symbolism of a new start.


"I love this little acorn, tiny but solid. I love it so much I have ordered an oak leaf charm to keep it company."

3 - Forget-Me-Not Silver Studs

Expertly cast in solid sterling silver, these pretty Forget-Me-Not stud earringshave a raised profile, making them as high quality as they are timeless and meaningful in their design. These pretty earrings are a best seller on our Not On The High Street shopfront.  Their symbolism make them more than just a pair of studs, the little hearts on the back keep loved ones close at heart, never to be forgotten.


"Love my forget me not earrings ,I will wear them with pride as my husband was diagnosed with young onset dementia in 2018."

2 - Silver & Gold Daisy Necklace

More daisies in the top 10 - this a classic two toned silver daisy flower pendantwith a solid gold middle.

The Daisy is the birth flower for April making this charm necklace the perfect spring time Birthday gift.


"This Daisy & necklace is beautifully made & perfect in every way!"

1 - Forget-me-not Silver Necklace

A classic, constant best seller and for good reason - the delicate design and detail on the back of this most meaningful flower symbolising everlasting memory makes this the most thoughful of flowers to wear to remember a loved one by.

Today, this is our eternal symbol of remembrance, given by lovers, friends and family to one another as a reminder of the bonds that tie us.


"A lovely necklace with great detail to remember my Dad who died in June"

"It was an 18th birthday present for a friends very special daughter. She loved it. Our friendship group has some wonderful and important memories to hold onto and so this was a very meaningful piece."

"Absolutely perfect gift for my mum. She loved it so much she cried and hasn't taken it off since."

NEW for 2020.

We've some new Sunflower designs (plus more TBA) coming for the 2020 Chelsea Flower Show, and we've got our eyes on winning another award, so please do pop along.  We'll be at stand EA506.  If you can't make it, here's a few of our new pieces now online in limited numbers ahead of the show.

Silver & Gold Vermeil Sunflower Stud Earrings £69

Silver & gold vermeil large sunflower necklace £89

Silver large sunflower necklace £75

Solid gold sunflower stud earrings £195*

*prices correct at time of publishing, all displayed prices subject to change based on gold and silver bullion prices.