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Beautiful Flower Jewellery for Spring

Spring is upon us at last! What better time to adorn yourself with beautifully designed flower jewellery.

In this post, we are sharing our top picks for flower jewellery for spring fromScarlett Jewellery. We are sharing earring studs, charms, rings and necklaces in solid sterling silver and gold with fine details.

Each flower has a special meaning taken from a vintage book on the language of flowers. These nature-inspired pieces have been specially developed for our shows at theRHS Chelsea Flower Show and bring the beauty of spring into your jewellery box!

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This gorgeoussunflower gold and silver necklace is a special springtime treat for those who love beautiful yellow sunflowers. Sunflowers represent adoration, loyalty and longevity. They simply radiate happiness and sunshine, making them the perfect way to welcome in the warmer months.

This bold necklace makes the perfect gift for someone special!

This is the larger of our two sunflower pendants and is finished with yellow 18ct gold plated vermeil which showcases the intricate detail of the yellow petals on this gorgeous necklace. 

This sunflower necklace is available in a range of chain lengths that can sit elegantly on the collar bones or longer towards the chest, adding a touch of sunshine to any outfit.

flower jewellery


Thesedelicate flower stud earrings make the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe. Greek legend tells us when the gods were distributing colours to the flowers, one small blue flower whispered ‘forget me not…’. There was only blue remaining, and so, this delicate blue flower was born!

Today this flower is a symbol of remembrance, given by lovers, friends and family to one another as a reminder of the bond that ties us. That makes these flower stud earrings a very special gift for a loved one.

These beautiful studs are expertly cast in solid sterling silver and have a raised profile, making them high quality, timeless and meaningful.

flower jewellery


A charm braceletis a timeless gift for any occasion. This classiccharm bracelet with a violet charm is no exception!

The violet flower symbolises ‘thoughts of love’. Violet is also a popular name and with such a special meaning it is a wonderful gift to commemorate a new baby or as a gift for your partner.

The violet silver charm is intricately detailed and includes a heart on the back for an extra thoughtful touch.

The delicate sterling silver bracelet is the perfect gift to tell a story of a lifetime. Either leave the charm bracelet adorned with one charm or continue to add special charms to commemorate different occasions as life goes on.

flower jewellery


The daffodil is an iconic spring flower, it goes hand in hand with its entrance signifying the end of winter. Daffodils signify change, new beginnings, respect and self-love. These beautiful flowers radiate happiness. This is the perfect piece of jewellery to spoil yourself with as spring comes into full bloom.

Oursolid silver daffodil charm has been crafted with fine detail and makes a stunning addition to a charm bracelet or as a pretty pendant on a necklace.

A beautiful iconic spring flower that signifies change, new beginnings, respect and self-love.  Known also as a Jonquil or Narcissus, these stunning blooms radiate happiness.  Our new silver Daffodil charm is filled with detail and makes a stunning addition to a flower charm bracelet or worn as a pretty narcissus pendant.

flower jewellery


Thissolid gold Ivy Leaf charm makes the perfect addition to your spring collection of jewellery. The Ivy plant is evergreen and therefore symbolises eternity, fidelity and strong affectionate attachment. This makes the Ivy pendant the perfect wedding or anniversary gift for your partner or for a very special friend.

Our beautifully detailed Ivy Leaf charm is filled with texture. It is the perfect addition to a charm bracelet and makes a great gift for anyone with the name Ivy.

flower jewellery


TheMonstera Palm Leaf is a beautiful tropical plant that looks gorgeous! The palm leaf means victory.  It is all the rage when it comes to indoor plant decor, so this makes the perfect gift for any lover of indoor tropical plants.

This charm makes the perfect addition to a charm bracelet or can be teamed with matchingearrings and anecklace.

flower jewellery


The poppy is a classic symbol of remembrance worldwide. This beautifully meaningful flower is grown all over the world. They are elegant and timeless, making the perfect addition to a charm bracelet.The solid silver poppy charm makes an excellent give to signify the importance of someone in your life, someone whom you will always cherish such as a family member.

All of our silver charms come with a finish of your choice:

  • An open jump ring for fitting to a traditional link charm bracelet
  • A soldered jump ring that fits a bead style bracelet
  • A clip-on clasp for bracelets that allow you to move your charms about easily
  • A finished necklace in a choice of chain length
  • As a complete starter charm bracelet - your charm will be attached to the middle

flower jewellery


These striking and intricately detailed largecherry hoop earringsare fun and eye-catching. New for the Chelsea Flower Show, each pair is cast in solid silver so the leaves sit towards the back of the hoops

They are secured with a pair of earring backs to ensure they won’t fall out.

These earrings will add some brightness and fun to your spring wardrobe. 


Our stunningDaisy Charm Ring features an organic shaped dangling silver daisy charm on a chunky solid silver sing. The daisy gently moves with you as you go through your day.

The daisy symbolises innocence, making it the perfect gift for a younger sister or friend. This unique ring is a striking and memorable addition to anyone’s spring wardrobe.

The ring is designed for maximum comfort and long-lasting wear. It comes in a variety of sizes and also has the option to have a special personalised message engraved on the inside. 


This is another unique piece of jewellery featuring the daisy. OurDaisy Wreath Silver Necklace is delicately designed with detailed tiny daisy flowers scattering a wreath and surrounded by tiny silver leaves.

This is a simple, organic and lightly textured wreath pendant that makes a thoughtful gift or to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Created especially for the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, each wreath is handcrafted in solid silver on a delicate silver chain. 

flower jewellery

We have all of these flower pieces and so much more available on our website! 

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flower jewellery