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Eclipse Silver & Gold Double Bangle

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Introducing the Eclipse Double Silver & Gold Bangle: a stunning piece of jewellery that captures the essence of a solar eclipse – a rare moment of magic that reminds us of the beauty in imperfect progress.

Crafted for women who appreciate simple style & elegance, this handmade double bangle features asymmetrical Eclipse loop crafted from solid recycled gold, a unique mixed-metal element that adds a touch of magic to your everyday. Feel the gentle sway of the gold loop as it gracefully moves against the weight of the bangles.

The Eclipse loop, with its organic and asymmetric form, emulates the wonder of a partial eclipse – an embodiment of perfection found in asymmetry. Each piece bears a hallmark, a symbol of its solid, premium-quality weight, ensuring that you wear nothing but the best.

Choose from three available sizes to find the perfect fit for your wrist, and revel in the comfort and sophistication that this bangle provides. With inside diameters of 60mm, 65mm, or 70mm, and a sleek width of 3mm for each bangle, it's a piece that complements any style.

The Eclipse Loop, crafted from solid 9ct recycled gold, measures 12mm in width and 12mm in height. It's a radiant focal point that adds a touch of celestial elegance to your ensemble.

In a world where perfection often eludes us, the Eclipse Silver & Rose Bangle serves as a reminder that the journey, though imperfect, is truly amazing. So, adorn your wrist with this gorgeous piece and carry a piece of celestial wonder wherever you go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karen Humphray

Beautiful bangle. Good heavy weight. Just what I was looking for, absolutely love it.

Thanks so much so pleased you're happy with the jewellery :)

Jane Glean

Beautiful bracelet- purchased in rememberance of my beautiful mum- lost to covid.
Just perfect.

Thanks so much come back any time x

Mhairi Schellekens

This is a beautiful bangle and could be classed as unisex as my twenty something son also liked it. Another beautiful piece from Scarlett.

Thanks so much so pleased you're happy with the service :)

steph marshall

Very luxurious in weight and perfectly finished.

Thanks so much Steph for letting us help with your prezzies! Glad to hear the jewellery fitted the bill so well. Stevie

Samantha Whittaker

LOVE this bangle!! Xx been looking for such a long time, glad I waited till I found this!