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Que Sera Silver & Gold Necklace

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Size Chart

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Step into the embrace of our exceptional necklace, where a recycled 9ct yellow gold worry bead, adorned with the timeless mantra "Que sera," gently dances with your every move. This necklace is a modern homage to the ancient art of worry beads, reimagined as a whispered reminder to release your troubles, to simply 'let it go' – a worry-free bead, if you will...

Inspired by the iconic words of Doris Day, "Que sera, sera - whatever will be, will be," it exudes an enduring charm that lingers in the heart.

Crafted for those moments of idle contemplation or when life's stresses encroach, the delicate silver chain and gold pendant beckon the touch, a tactile comfort in times of need.

The bead's unique form gracefully widens at its base, tapering to a refined peak, offering both ease of wear and contemporary elegance. Enclosed within the package is a Meaning Card, a tribute to the pendant's origin, providing a deeper connection to this cherished keepsake.

Indulge in the beauty of the Que Sera necklace, an ever-present companion that cradles your worries and beckons you to embrace the serenity of life's uncertain path.



Que Sera bead: Recycled solid 9ct yellow gold - 8mm wide x 7mm at highest point

Chain - 1.1mm wide sterling silver chain link

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Beautiful necklace 💫

Moira Seymour

Beautiful design with a lovely sentiment engraved on the gold bead. Also loved that the gold bead was recycled gold

Happy to help any time something is wanted from the archives :)

Louise Ayres

I wanted the Que Sera bead to replace another I brought about 15 years ago. A really beautiful piece and ideal as a gift (which is how I come to have one).

margaret johnson

simple but meaningful jewellery, love the design

Lisa Dossor

It’s a beautiful and tactile necklace, perfect birthday gift.