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Que Sera Silver & Gold Charm Ring

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Classic Belcher Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm
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This unique ring encompasses a free-moving solid recycled gold bead, with the eternal reminder ‘Que sera’ inscribed on it. While it’s a nod to the worry beads of old, in today’s form it tells us more to ‘let it go’ - a don’t worry bead, if you will...

The Que Sera ring was born in a serendipitous clash of zen and romance. It was Doris Day who inspired this beautiful everyday reminder with those immortal words: ‘Que sera, sera - whatever will be, will be…”

Designed to be fiddled with absentmindedly or in times of stress, the hallmarked solid silver band and engraved bead invites the touch.

The unique shape of the band  has a wider profile at the front, gradually tapering to a narrower fit towards the back, for both maximum comfort and contemporary styling. It also includes a Meaning Card inside the package, as an ode to the ring’s origins.



Sterling silver ring size: 3.7mm wide front, 3mm wide back

Solid recycled 9ct gold worry bead dimensions: 8mm wide x 7mm at highest point

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
emma brooks

Unique and beautiful, always gets comments

Sue Atkinson

Worn all the time and love turning it around on my finger.

Nigel Featherstone

Unique and stylish, what more would you ask for

Lisa Dossor

Fits perfectly, looks great, can’t wait to wear this with other matching items.

Stephanie Ashenden

Beautiful ring but unfortunately I couldn't get a size that would fit.

I am so, so sorry that I inadvertently gave you a 1* with my first review!

Your customer service is impeccable and the ring beautiful but as you say, is just not suited to my finger

I, in no way intended to leave a negative review, quite the opposite and anyone reading this please ignore my previous 1* rating.

Many many apologies.

Hi Stephanie, Sorry you felt disappointed by not finding the size that fitted you enough to leave a 1 star rating.  This is a difficult ring to make in a specific size due to the bead, and having tried two different sizes I think it might just be a design that doesn't work for you.  We do our best to make things in a wide range of sizes but making every piece in every size sometimes just isn't possible.  I hope you feel that you could return to us in the future for another piece that we can make in your exact size.  All the best,  Stevie