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Wanderlust Silver & Italian Leather Bracelet

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Size Chart

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Mini Lifetime - adjustable so fits all ages & slimmer adults 7.5"  19cm
Classic Belcher Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm
Classic Trace Chain Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm
Lifetime Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm

A statement of wanderlust, designed for those with an insatiable passion for travel.

Wanderlust, a word that embodies the profound desire to explore the world, finds its home in this exquisite recycled silver bead. Carved with the word "Wanderlust" and adorned with a tiny heart symbol, it captures the essence of a traveller's heart. This meaningful bead finds its place on a soft, stitched Italian leather bracelet, available in a palette of stunning colours. It's a wish for endless adventures and safe journeys, wherever the road may lead.

This bracelet stands as a positive and distinctive gift for the wanderer in your life, expressing your heartfelt wishes for their exciting travels. It's a unique alternative to the traditional St. Christopher pendant, offering an elegant and contemporary way to carry good luck and safe passage wherever they go.

The leather bracelet is meticulously finished with a stainless steel clasp, ensuring both style and security. The silver charm is hallmarked for authenticity, and two silicone stoppers keep the charm precisely where it belongs, allowing you to wear your stories on your wrist without worry.

Ideal for a variety of adventurers, this bracelet makes the perfect gift for:

  • Frequent fliers and globetrotters
  • Those about to embark on a journey
  • Men and women who adore cycling, as it's easy to wear on a bike
  • Outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and adventure sports enthusiasts

Embrace the wanderer's spirit and gift them the essence of wanderlust, encapsulated in this beautifully crafted bracelet. Let them wear their passion with style and grace, carrying your good wishes with them on every expedition.



    Made from: 100% Recycled solid sterling silver hallmarked bead, stitched italian leather, with surgical grade stainless steel clasp.


    Charm Bead measures 8mm high and 6mm across - internal hole is 5.4mm.

    Leather Bracelet measures 4mm thick and comes in 19cm or 21cm length.

    Care: keep leather out of water wherever possible and dry thoroughly if it does get wet.

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