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Elephant Silver Charm

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Size Chart

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Mini Lifetime - adjustable so fits all ages & slimmer adults 7.5"  19cm
Classic Belcher Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm
Classic Trace Chain Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm
Lifetime Charm Bracelets - adult size 8" 20.3cm

Celebrate Strength and Abundance with Our Solid Sterling Silver Elephant Charm

This exquisite Elephant charm, also known as "Gaja" in India, isn't just beautiful, it's crafted fromsolid sterling silver,offering a weight and quality that surpasses costume jewellery.

Here's why solid silver makes a difference:

  • Timeless Beauty: Unlike plated metals, solid silver won't chip or fade, ensuring your Elephant charm stays magnificent for years to come.
  • Sustainable Choice: Silver is a precious metal that can be recycled infinitely, making it an eco-friendly option.Plus, with rising bullion prices, your charm becomes a valuable investment.
  • Solid Weight, Solid Quality:The substantial weight of solid silver speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and value of this piece.

Beyond Beauty: Embrace the Symbolism

The Elephant, revered in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions, embodies strength, wisdom, prosperity, and an exceptional memory. This charm serves as a reminder of these powerful qualities, and the memories you hold dear.

Customize Your Journey:

  • Classic Charm Bracelet: Attach your Elephant charm to a chunky, solid silver bracelet (hallmarked for authenticity) for a timeless look.
  • Necklace Ready: Create a finished elephant necklace in various lengths.
  • Starter Charm Set: Begin your charm collection with our bracelet featuring your Elephant charm as the centre piece.
  • Soldered Jump Ring:Soldered closed this loop fits most bead style bracelets - if you need a larger sized loop please get in touch.
  • Clip Clasp: For free moving your charm around a bracelet or necklace.

Dimensions & Materials:

  • Elephant charm: 12mm wide x 14mm high x 6mm deep (excluding jump ring)
  • Solid Sterling Silver (or 18ct yellow/rose gold plated over silver - plating applies only to the charm)

Invest in a piece that reflects strength, embodies luck, and becomes a treasured keepsake. Order your Solid Sterling Silver Elephant Charm today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Alison Kapma

Quality of the charm is superb. I had previously bought a charm bracelet as an 18th birthday gift and came back a few years later to add some charms to celebrate university graduation. Delighted by the detail on the charm, well proportioned, perfect expression, lovely fine finish and polish.

Dawn Steel

Absolutely beautiful jewellery, just perfect!

Rose Fowkes

Nice length, the chain was a really nice expensive-looking silver.

Michelle Houghton

Absolutely beautiful - love it x

Elizabeth Smallwood

Ordered the little elephant silver charm as a Christmas present - a reminder of our recent trip to Africa. Beautiful, solid silver charm and looks fantastic on the charm bracelet.