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Chelsea Flower Show 2022

Finally the long overdue Chelsea Flower Show happens this September, but that doesn't mean you can't shop our horticultural jewellery designs direct from us ahead of the show week.
Daisy Silver Charm Ring

Sunflower Silver Necklace

Acorn Solid Rose Gold Necklace
from $764.00

Acorn Solid Gold Necklace
from $764.00

Acorn Silver Necklace

Bumble-Bee Solid Gold Necklace
from $598.00
Bumble-Bee Silver Necklace

Daisy Silver Necklace
Honey-Bee Silver Necklace
Acorn Silver Stud Earrings

Daisy Silver Stud Earrings

Bumble Bee Tiny Gold Charm
from $185.00
Bluebell Silver Charm Bracelet
from $127.00
Violet Silver Charm Bracelet
from $139.00

Bumble-Bee Silver Charm Bracelet
from $114.00

Monstera Palm Silver Charm Bracelet
from $122.00
Daisy Silver Charm Bracelet
from $114.00
Tiny Acorn Silver Charm
from $51.00

Bumble Bee Gold Charm
from $236.00

Acorn Solid Rose Gold Charm
from $407.00