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2022 Summer Holiday Closure Information

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Summer Holiday Closure Notice from Stevie the designer & director

I will be away for a family holiday from midday August 22nd until 6th September 2022 - a period of two weeks.  It's a very long overdue overseas holiday, so unlike most other short breaks I will not be available to answer emails every day, I will not be able to answer phone calls and will be off social media, though being a typical small business owner there's no doubt I will log into my emails every few days in case of emergencies.

If you need to get in touch I strongly advise you email me on rather than phone or leave any messages on social media as I won't be easily able to reply.  Alternatively you can try calling the workshop on 01273 722110 on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9.30am and 2pm where Genea might be in the workshop to answer the phone.

What does that mean for orders placed online?

Thankfully my lovely assistants Genea & Jess will be coming into the workshop in my absence to ship and send any orders that can be easily picked from stock with the following exceptions:

- Anything that's engraved

- Any custom designs, special sizes or bespoke pieces

- Any gold plating

- Most exchanges and returns unless they are easy to resend.

Can I still get something by express delivery?

I'm afraid as there won't be someone in the workshop every day I cannot offer express delivery.  As this is typically the quietest time of year for me at the workshop it's the most sensible time for me to go, but I do apologise if that means you aren't able to get the jewellery you want as fast as usual.

When will I be able to order something that needs to be engraved?

You're welcome to order something that would usually be engraved immediately and have the option to receive it blank and return it to us later when I return to have it engraved, meaning you can give the gift and still benefit from the free engraving service when I return.

If you want to do this an option will appear on the personalised products for you to select if you would rather:

1. Receive it blank

2. Receive it blank and for us to send you a returns label for us to engrave it later

3. Request for us to hold onto the order for engraving & ship the order when I get back after 7th September.  Please note if you opt for this I can't guarantee I can undertake every engraving order on my first day back, but I'll of course do my best, and orders will be engraved in date order - the oldest order first.

What about the postal strikes?

It's just been announced that Royal Mail will be on strike on 26th and 31st August, and also on 8th and 9th September which adds even further delays to anything engraved when I get back on 7th September, so I can't guarantee any engraving orders placed during my holiday will arrive before 10th September - sorry for any further delays but this aspect was unpredicted and out of my control.

What if I have something to return, resize or exchange?

If you're returning something that's not been engraved for a refund or exchange it would be helpful to not mail it to me before 10th September so I can be sure to receive it and it not to be stuck with Royal Mail during the postal strikes.  If it's something engraved and you need a different chain length, its best to drop me an email (as above) and I can get Genea to mail you a different chain length in my absence and you can return the other one to me after 6th September, if it's urgent call the workshop on Tuesday or Thursday morning and speak to Genea on 01273 722110.

If it's something that's not quite right and you have a query please email me personally on and I'll get back to you ASAP as I will be monitoring all my emails whilst working at the show.

Thanks so much for your patience and support for my micro business.  I'll be back refreshed, creative and ready to make for you!