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What no Mojo Bangles?

I've had a few calls this past week or so asking where, oh where have the Mojo bangles and necklaces gone!  So I thought I'd put a quick guide up to explain - they are still there!  They are just all as an add-on option to the Mojos making it much easier to manage stock and all the many different engraving options available for these little silver & gold bead charms.

When you browse our Mojos you'll see a few bracelet and necklace options for our best selling pieces, but most of the options for necklaces and bangles are now within the Mojo.  Underneath 'Mojo Finish' you can choose a wide range of necklaces, a bracelet or to have your Mojo on one of our solid silver bangles.

Mojo Charm Beads Scarlett Jewellery


Necklaces and bracelets are usually shipped in 1-2 days, personalised Mojo charms add a day or two for us to make them.  Bangles are usually 3-5 days tops to make for you and there are three sizes available.

Mojos come on a card if just the Mojo is needed, bracelets, necklaces and bangles all come wrapped in our signature grey tissue and the meaning card is tucked in the box.

By making this simple change it's easy for us to make sure we've got all the options available in stock so you know what you're getting when you place an order and add flexibility to creating just the right piece for you in just the right size.