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4 Different Ways to Wear Silver Charms

Charms have been around for thousands of years! Silver charms and charm bracelets have continued to remain popular and fashionable over the years.

Charms are simple and timeless. They are a way to capture special moments in life, to express who you are and to create an heirloom piece to be passed down through the generations.

While traditional charm bracelets are still sought after, there are many other stylish ways to wear silver charms.

In this post, discover what a charm is, the history of charms, different types of charms and different ways to wear them.

What is a charm?

Charms are small decorative trinkets, usually made out of solid sterling silver or gold. Silver charms come in all different shapes and sizes and may include various precious gemstones.  They are symbolic and meaningful to the wearer. 

These small charms can be attached to a chain such as a bracelet or necklace to create a customised piece of jewellery that holds special meaning. Traditionally they were used as protection for the owner, but these days they are used to symbolise a range of things like birthdays, anniversaries, interest and special memories.

History of Charm Bracelets

It might surprise you to learn that there is evidence of charm bracelets dating back to over 12,000 years ago in the Neolithic Era! Prehistoric humans used charms to ward off evil spirits and to keep them safe. Their charms were carved out of wood, shell, stone or bone.

Throughout history, there have been numerous other civilisations and cultures that have used charms (or amulets) such as ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans and Victorians.

The charm bracelet trend that we know today actually started after WWII when soldiers brought back trinkets made by locals from the places where they had fought. These charms were given to their family as keepsakes. This then turned into a fashion trend as jewellery designed cottoned on and started creating special charms to commemorate various occasions.

By the 1990s charm bracelets became a common and highly sought after piece of jewellery. They were especially popular as coming of age gifts or to symbolise important events such as graduation, weddings and births.

In modern times charm bracelets are more popular than ever thanks to clever jewellery designers such as Pandora, Tiffany & Co and Thomas Sabo creatively modernising silver charms.

Silver charms continue to remain fashionable, functional and timeless.

Popular Types of Charms

There are so many different types of charms to commemorate different events or areas of your life. Here are the main types of charm bracelets that are the most popular to include in your collection.

Nowadays, there are so many types of charms that listing them all here would take too long. However, here’s a look at some of the main types of charms that have been around for hundreds of years.

Zodiac sign charms

Zodiac sign charms are the perfect way to symbolise your birth sign. Each zodiac sign has a unique symbol and gemstone associated with it. A zodiac charm may have the star sign engraved, the symbol of the star sign or even the gemstone associated with the star sign. A zodiac charm makes the perfect gift for someone’s birthday!

Personalised charms

Personalised charms include the letter of someone’s initials or even a pendant charm with a personalised engraved message on the back. Personalised charms make your charm bracelet uniquely yours.

Gemstone Charms

Charms that include gemstones are a great way to add colour and vibrancy to a charm bracelet. They also allow the wearer to receive the metaphysical benefits from the gemstones and create a more luxurious piece of jewellery.

Lucky Symbol Charms

Lucky symbol charms are another very popular charm type category. There are so many symbols that ward off bad luck and offer good fortune and protection to the wearer. These include the Hamsa hand, the tree of life, the horseshoe, the eye of Horus, the four-leaf clover, Saint Christopher, Runic symbols and more!

These are perfect for anyone venturing off into a new adventure or stage in life that need luck on their side.

Hobbies and Passions Charms

Hobbies and passion charms are also a great way to express who you are and customise your bracelet just for you. Whether you love animals, are a passionate violinist, a dancer,travellingor any number of things there will be a charm out there to represent what you love most about life.

These make the perfect thoughtful gift for someone you love.

Charms for Religion

Charms that represent faithare classic and timeless. People love wearing symbols of what they believe! These make the perfect addition to your charm bracelet if you or someone you are buying a gift for is religious.

Relationship Charms

Relationship charms always make a welcome addition to a charm bracelet. Charms are a beautiful way to commemorate special relationships in your life. Whether it is a spouse, a best friend, a parent, sibling or any other relationship you can think of, a charm is a perfect way to carry them with you.

Different ways to wear charms

Throughout the ages, charms have changed as we have evolved. In the last 100 years, traditional charm bracelets have been popularised and are still fashionable today. However, there are now a number of other unique and fashionable ways to wear charm charms to suit any personality.

1. Traditional link charm bracelets

The first way to wear silver charms is on atraditional chain charm bracelet. These charms attached to the chain on the bracelet through an open jump ring. These charms need to be specially fitted to your charm bracelet.

There are a number of types of chains you can choose from when deciding on a charm bracelet. There is the classic cable chain, ball chain and also rectangle chains for a more modern look.

2. Slide on charm beads

The next way to wear silver charms is with slide on charms on a snake chain. This style of charm was popularised by Pandora. 

Snake chains and slide on charms allow you to easily slide your charms on and move them around. There is also no risk of them falling off!

These charms look great stacked on one another. Scarlett Jewellery has an extensive range of slide on charm beads engraved with positive messages, quotes and phrases that fit bead charm bracelets and necklaces.

3. Clip-on clasp charms

The third way to wear silver charms is by using clip-on clasps. This is a unique way to attach a charm to a bracelet that was popularised byTomas Sabo.

These charms are great because they are easy to take on and off, without any special fitting needing to be done. Plus the clasps are durable and unlikely to fall off.

All of the charms of Scarlett Jewellery come with the option of having a clip-on clasp.

4. Charms as pendants for necklaces

The last way you can wear your charms is as apendant on a necklace as opposed to a charm bracelet.

Any of the above 3 types of charms will work on necklace chains as well.

You can place just one special charm on the necklace chain or you can have a couple complimentary charms next to each other.

There is also the option to stack slide on bead charms on a pendant. You have all the freedom to be as creative as you wish.

Scarlett Jewellery has a wide range of solid silver charms with an array of collections

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